Meeting 16-Jan-19: Georgios Georgiou (RUDN University)

Dear CAT members and friends,

The Cyprus Acquisition Team wishes you a happy and productive new year! With the beginning of the Spring Semester, we will also have our first weekly meeting on Wednesday, January 16, 6:30-8pm at the CAT lab (E004) at the University of Cyprus old campus. Georgios Georgiou (RUDN University) will give a talk on “Developing experimental designs to uncover non-native speech perception and production patterns”. The abstract can be found below. Information on upcoming meetings can also be found further below.

See you there!



The lecture aims to present the work of Dr Georgios P. Georgiou, Post-Doctoral researcher at RUDN University, Moscow with respect to experimental studies on the perception and production of non-native sounds by foreign/second language listeners (Georgiou, 2018a, 2018b, 2019; Georgiou & Themistocleous, 2019). These studies focused on healthy individuals aiming to reveal the way that a non- native language is filtered through the listeners’ first language and the cognitive mechanisms that enable the representation of non-native phonological categories in the listeners’ phonological space. Also, through the aforementioned studies it is determined how speech categorization and speech signals encode linguistic, sociolinguistic, psychological, biological and other information. Dr Georgios P. Georgiou is currently the head of RUDN University phonetic lab and works as a principal investigator on the project “Perception of non-native segments by Russian monolingual speakers”. Ongoing studies of this project examine the perceptual realization of Greek consonants by Russian monolingual speakers (Georgiou, 2018c) and the effect of vocabulary size on the assimilation of English vowels to the native phonological categories of Russian speakers. Future research will focus on the speech and language of individuals with cognitive impairment, using perception and production tasks. The goal is to shed light on the effects of this condition on speech acquisition that will enable a better understanding and a possible early diagnosis of the decease.


Georgiou, G. P. (2019). Bit and beat are heard as the same: Mapping the vowel perceptual patterns of Greek-English bilingual children. Language Sciences, 72, 1-12.

Georgiou, G. P., & Themistocleous, C. (2019). Vowel Learning in Diglossic Settings: Evidence from Arabic-Greek Learners. International Journal of Bilingualism (revised).

Georgiou, G. P. (2018a). Perception and Production of Greek Vowels by Egyptian Arabic Learners of Greek as a Second Language (doctoral dissertation). University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Georgiou, G. P. (2018b). Discrimination of L2 Greek vowel contrasts: Evidence from learners with Arabic L1 background. Speech Communication, 102, 68-77.

Georgiou, G. P. (2018c). Perceptual Realization of Greek consonants by Russian monolingual speakers. Lecture at the Symposium on the perception of non-native sounds by Russian speakers, December 10, 2018. Moscow: RUDN University.

Upcoming CAT meetings- Spring Semester 2019

Jan 16- Georgios Georgiou, Developing experimental designs to uncover non-native speech perception and production patterns
Jan 23- Maria Tenizi, Vasiliki Erotokritou, Natalia Pavlou- Semester Planning
Jan 30- Maria Tenizi, TBA
Feb 6- TBA
Feb 13- Evelina Leivada, TBA
Feb 20- TBA
Feb 27- Constantina Fotiou, TBA
Mar 6- TBA
Mar 13- Svetlana Karpava, TBA
Mar 20- Elena Theodorou, TBA
Mar 27- TBA
Apr 3- Eleni Papadopoulou, TBA
Apr 10- Demetris Karayiannis, TBA
Apr 17- TBA

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