L1 Acquisition of Cypriot Greek Pronominal Clitics (CYCLA)
Research Promotion Foundation

CYCL1A Workshop on the Acquisition of Clitics [program]

We organized a workshop on the acquisition of clitics at the University of Cyprus in 2012. The official announcement on Linguist List can be found here (with submission details here); the full text appears below.



Clitic constructions have received a lot of attention over the past twenty years in research on language acquisition and development. Both the comprehension and production of clitics have been studied in a variety of languages, for children and adults alike, and in different acquisition contexts (L1, L2, bi-/multilingual, impaired).

The research project L1 Acquisition of Cypriot Greek Pronominal Clitics (ΠΕΝΕΚ 0609/42), funded by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation, is organizing the international CYCL1A Workshop on the Acquisition of Clitics at the University of Cyprus aiming to bring together researchers working on clitic acquisition. The discussion will revolve around new findings on the acquisition and development of pronominal clitics in different languages regarding clitic production and/or comprehension as well as current theoretical approaches to cliticization in the light of developmental data.


There will also be a special session on the acquisition and development of pronominal clitic placement in mixed clitic languages, with emphasis on enclitic languages where proclisis is triggered by certain grammatical properties. These include European Portuguese and Cypriot Greek, from both language-internal (properties of EP or CG) and comparative perspectives (within the Romance language family and compared to Standard Modern Greek, respectively), but submissions are encouraged to go beyond these two varieties.

We are pleased to announce that our four invited speakers have confirmed their participation:

João Costa (FCSH - Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
Maria Lobo (FCSH - Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
Teresa Parodi (University of Cambridge)
Ianthi Maria Tsimpli (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

Call for Papers:

The workshop welcomes abstracts for oral and poster presentations on topics related to the development of clitics in the fields of:

  • typical language acquisition
  • atypical language acquisition
  • impaired language acquisition
  • first language acquisition
  • second language acquisition
  • multilingual language acquisition

Oral presentations should be no longer than 20 minutes, leaving 10 minutes for questions and discussion.

Authors are invited to send an abstract in English for peer review. Abstracts should not exceed two pages (including examples and references) with 2.5cm margins and typed in 12-point Times New Roman font. Abstracts must be anonymous and should be submitted as a PDF attachment to an email containing the following information:

- Name(s) of author(s)
- Author(s) affiliation(s)
- Title of the talk/poster

All abstract emails must be sent to: events@biolinguistics.eu.

Important Dates:

Deadline for abstract submission: 31 March 2012
Notification of acceptance by: 15 April 2012
Dates of workshop: 25–26 May 2012


Kleanthes K. Grohmann (University of Cyprus and CAT)
Theoni Neokleous (University of Cambridge & University of Cyprus)
Cyprus Acquisition Team (http://www.research.biolinguistics.eu/CAT)